3 Reasons to Cruise from Galveston

Going on a cruise is a wonderful way to leave your daily life and embark on an unforgettable trip. Although several cruisers choose to embark from Florida, the terminal in Galveston is just as great a choice for cruisers. Here are three reasons to leave on a cruise from Galveston.

Easy Access from Airports

Galveston is reachable from most cities across the US and even the world. Galveston has a small city airport that makes getting to and from the cruise ship terminal a breeze. If your hometown flies into Houston, one of the largest cities in the country, then you will find a Houston hobby to Galveston port shuttle to take you directly to your cruise ship.

Variety of Cruise Destinations

Because Galveston is located in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico, there are a variety of cruising options if you choose to leave from Texas. To the west is Mexico, Central America, and the Cayman Islands, and to the east there are options like Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Key West, Florida. Galveston is in close proximity to several of these locations, so three to five night cruises are an option if your schedule will not spare a week for frivolity in the sun.

A Fun Port to Explore

The Galveston terminal is only a few miles from the old downtown area of the port city. Before your ship leaves, you can disembark and explore the town since many cruise ship amenities do not open until the ship leaves port. The charming shops and one-of-a-kind restaurants offer a variety of fun for every cruiser. If you arrive early enough, you could rent a bike to cruise around town or take a harbor boat ride for an hour or two.

Galveston is an exciting coastal town that is close to airports and has a variety of entertainment options for the day. Next time you book a cruise, be sure to look at the Port of Galveston as the gateway to your vacation.