5 Halal Foods in Europe, Muslim Specific Culinary Recommendations

One big concern for a Muslim who travels to Europe is the difficulty of finding halal food. Not without reason, Europe is indeed not a continent that is predominantly Muslim. But after the halal tourism trend became a trend for world tourism, now has mushroomed a variety of culinary and halal restaurants. This of course is a breath of fresh air for Muslim tourists who plan to travel to Europe.

As a preliminary guide, the following are some of the most delicious halal eating places in European countries that can be eaten by Muslim tourists.

1. Maximum Steakhouse, The Netherlands

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Maximum Steakhouse offers a variety of processed halal beef and goats that are guaranteed halal. The location is in the center of Amsterdam, exactly 27-29 Max Euweplein. Maximun Steakhouse, including a large restaurant because it can accommodate about 100 visitors at once.

2. Hasir Schoneberg, Germany

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Hasir Schoneberg is a restaurant run by a large Muslim family from Turkey. Hasir Schoneberg sells a variety of Turkish specialties. Favorite menu that is the mainstay is the jumbo kebab with super filling.

3. Les Enfants Terribles – France

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Les Enfants Terribles is a large restaurant located in Av Daumesnil, Paris, France. This restaurant serves a variety of halal food menus, the most famous of which is Fine Dining made from beef or mutton with a delicious mixture of gravy.

4. Wrap It Up! – England

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Wrap It Up! located in Bisopsgate 166, City of London, England. This restaurant sells a variety of foods from fresh ingredients that are guaranteed halal. Some Wrap It Up! is a typical food from Mexico, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Jamaica, Portugal and Greece.

5. El Mar-Amor – Spain

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El Mar-Amor is one of the halal restaurants in Spain that serves a variety of processed seafood. Standing by the beach, visitors who come to El Mar-Amor while eating food can enjoy the peaceful beach and sea views.