How to Choose a Good cube

Playing Cube does have its own fun. Puzzles that used to be only in the form of a cube, now have a lot of models. The 3x3x3 Cube is the most widely played standard cube in the world. But regardless of the type, when buying a cube you must also consider the brand. Buy products from the best cube brand for a fun playing experience.

Choosing the best cube brand alone is not enough to ensure you get the best gaming experience. In addition to thinking about what brand cube you want to buy, you also need to know some tips or how to choose a good cube below. These methods will help you find a cube that fits your needs.

Consider the cube price

The first thing you need to do in choosing a cube is to consider the price. If you are a beginner, you should buy a regular cube cube first. You can practice with it because it’s relatively cheap. After you are quite proficient and ready to enter the competition, then you can buy a more expensive one. The price is directly proportional to the quality, but of course it’s not funny if you buy hundreds of thousands of cube cubes but only play for a while, because you are bored or have difficulty solving them.

Pay attention to the controls, both spin and speed

The control of a cube is something you really need to consider. This control can be about how well the cube can make turns, as well as how fast he can spin. A good cube is the one whose spin is smooth, not stuttering. The slick Cube is also faster to play. Prioritize the stability of the cube


Speedcubers have different magnetic force preferences. Traditional magnetic cubes glues the magnets into the pieces, which makes it impossible to change the magnetic forces in these cubes. The new GAN flagship product changes all of this – the gan x infinity.

With this cube, you can create your ideal magnet settings in seconds and hunt for your favorite handfeel.

If you pay attention to the price of the Cube, you will probably see that the price of the Magnetic cube is more expensive than the regular cube. How come? Yes, because the magnetic cube has better stability. Good stability prevents the cube from breaking or falling apart when you rotate it roughly or so. So pay attention to stability too. You can do this by reading product reviews in the store first before buying.

Stickerless or not

In the market, there are versions with stickers and without stickers (stickerless). Both have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a Cube with a sticker is that the bottom of the cube is protected from scratches or damage from use, the drawback is that the sticker can be damaged and come off, so you have to replace the sticker. While the stickerless cube does not need to replace the sticker, it’s just that the cube ranges against scratches.

So, which one to choose? Hmm, it depends on your needs.

See corner cutting

Corner cutting is the maximum angle at which the cube can be rotated, without locking and the cube is aligned directly. Generally a standard 3×3 Cube has a tolerance of 45 degrees, so even if the surfaces are not parallel, the Cube will correct the angle itself and allow rotation. If the cube does not have this corner cutting, it could be broken into pieces when rotated.

But wait, which ones are the best, best and most famous cube Brands in the world?

There are quite a number of cube brands circulating in the world, besides that it seems that there are also unbranded ones. But if you want to have a nice cube to play with, my advice is to buy a branded one even though it’s the cheapest. 

GAN Cube

This one brand is a well-known and high-quality cube brand that you can find in the local market. GAN or GANCUBE is a brand originating from Guangzhou, China. For the price itself, the GAN cube is fairly expensive, but it’s really equal to the quality, you know.

What makes this brand famous and sought after by professional cube Hobbies is the certifications and patents held by GANCUBE for their products. The cube is also slippery and can be used for speedcubing.

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One of GAN’s products, namely the GAN357 AIR SM 3×3 Magnetic has even been used by world speedcuber Feliks Zemdegs with a record completion of 4.73 seconds. The magnetic feature of the cube Cube makes the cube Circle smoother and allows players to complete the puzzle in a very short time.