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What to Consider in a Social Security Attorney

You are eligible for social security disability benefits if you have a disability which hinders you from rewarding employment. You need to apply for disability, and the process ought to be taken care of as soon as possible. The application process can be extensive, and it is assessed that roughly 70 percent of the applications will be rejected. That makes it quite helpful to hire an attorney when claiming social security disability benefits as it boosts odds of your application being accepted. You ought to ensure that you partner with an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to social security disability cases. So, how do you identify the right social security disability lawyer when they are plenty in the market? Keep reading the post and learn the qualities you should look for in an attorney.

Look for an attorney with a decent resume of success. Zero in on the law firm’s claim approval rate, your lawyer’s success record, then compare it with state averages. Inquire about clarification on their approval rates and initial review level, as well as lengthy trials. You are doing this is to see whether the attorney has a decent success rate because it will ensure you have better chances of obtaining your social security disability benefits.

Furthermore, check the attorney’s credentials and educational qualifications. Hire an attorney that has gone through training from renowned law school. That will ensure that they have sufficient skills and knowledge about the legal field. And because the law is a quite extensive domain, you will want him or her to specialize in social security disability law. Having in-depth experience and skills in the field ensure that they are adequately equipped to offer you quality representation.

Because such cases are time-consuming, make sure that you settle for a lawyer that is always accessible when you require help. Partner with an attorney you can meet with ease and still available to meet your needs. A lawyer might be the best in town, but if they have lots of cases or short of staff, you might not get the service you require. You are better suited to a lawyer that offers ample time and effort to meet your legal needs.

Furthermore, inquire about fees and payments systems before committing to an attorney. A good lawyer should offers services on a contingency basis, meaning that they get a percentage of the benefits awarded as their pay. However, unscrupulous lawyers charge upfront fees or rip you off using overly complex pay structures. So, exercise caution and ensure that you are hiring a social security lawyer who has a transparent pay system and operates on a contingency basis.

Bear in mind that the case can take a long period and you should be with someone you are comfortable with. As such, the attitude and personality of the lawyer will matter. Look for a social security disability attorney that is easy to work with and whose character meshes well with yours. A bond between you and your lawyer will also boost the odds of your application succeeding.

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