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How to Make Water Safe for Drinking at Home

Nowadays, it is straightforward to carry out water purification. There is no way you can live without drinking water; you will get dehydrated. Water is essential in your body. In this article, we are going to look into the different ways you can purify water. Through boiling your water can be safe for drinking. When boiling water, you need to have a source of heat, which at times may be expensive. Place your water in a clean basin and let it boil. After boiling your water, you have to filter it to remove any particles that might be in the water. You can wait for the water to cool so that you can drink it or take it while still hot. It is crucial to cover the water with a lid to avoid harmful substances getting into the water.

You can also use iodine to be it in solution form, crystal, or tablets form. This method is very safe and effective. Iodine is usually in different ways; hence, it is up to you to get the one you can afford. When you use iodine, you manage to kill all the bacteria’s that are in the water. When using the iodine solution, get to read the prescription very well. Treating water with iodine gives it an after taste You have to place the iodine tablet into the container full of water, and then shake it until all the tablet has dissolved. Then you let the water to settle before starting to drink.

You can purify the water using chlorine drops. These drops kill bacteria’s that are in the water. Chlorine is easy to get, and you can easily afford it. For it to work, you have to place the droplets into a container that has water then give it time like thirty minutes before you start drinking the water. It is essential to read the instructions so that you can know how many droplets you need to use in a certain amount of water. Chlorine, when used in the excess form, can be poisonous.

The use of filters. Filters remove bacteria’s that are in the water. The use of carbon gets rid of the harmful chemicals that are in the water and the bad taste. The availability of iodine coated screens helps to get rid of viruses in water. This process is costly since it needs manual pumping; you need to clean up the filters after use and also you have to replace the filters after treating some cans of water.

The use of ultraviolet rays. In this process, what you should do is swish some light through the water for some time, and you end up killing the bacteria. This is a natural process, but you have to buy some batteries to carry out the operation. But the water is not safe to drink until you filter it.

In conclusion, with you using any of these processes, and following it well, there is no way you will ever take contaminated water.

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