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Reasons For Young Adults To Abstain From Sex ?Activities

Love is essential to every person. One needs parental love, love from his spouse as well as friends. There are so many benefits to being loved. Love generally promotes better mental health and healthy relationships. It is because of love that you will have peace of mind, have less stress and depression. Love also promotes proper blood circulation, which enhances a healthy heart. Anxiety can also be fought through love. Love will help you have good health both physically and mentally, thus increasing the length of your life. However, most of the youths have turned love to sex abuse. There has been a great decline in morals all over the world. Love is a good thing from the bible; this does not allow people to misuse it. Sex is only meant for married people, and this is according to the word of God. Many groups across the world are, however making great efforts to make sure that they create awareness and encourage the youths to abstain from unnecessary sex abuse. Their mission is to empower every teenager across the world to lead a very incredible lifestyle of abstinence. Abstinence is important to healthy growth and even a positive life experience to young adults around the globe. There are so many people who have volunteered to go around various learning institutions, religious centers like churches, mosques and temples to encourage all the young adults to lead positive life free from sex abuse. Abstinence is greatly encouraged because of the benefits it carries. Other than ensuring that morals are the society are upheld, abstinence comes with so many individual or personal benefits. Here is a discussion about some reasons why every young adult should try to abstain from any sexual activity, especially while in college.

The first reason to abstain is to prevent early pregnancies. Early and unplanned pregnancies have become a great challenge to most of our young girls. They have been the source of poverty, especially in undeveloped countries where there is no effort to create awareness on the dangers of early sex activities. In many cases, more than half of the girls who get pregnant while at school end up dropping out of college. This is simply because of poor academic performance while at school, as many of them find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. Another benefit of abstaining from sex is the promotion of good health. There are so many sexually transmitted diseases across the world. Many people students mainly in universities have found themselves with HIV/AIDS, syphilis, herpes, among other severe conditions that put their lives in risks. Other than these infections, early sex also comes with a lot of stress. Many young adults have found themselves in conflicts with their partners, something that has even led to murder cases. Love triangles are so bad and as a youth, it is not easy to manage them. Abstinence also makes you a good example in society. Always remember to be an excellent example to your peers and younger siblings. Abstaining from sex activities also gives you peace of mind to concentrate on the important things while at school. Lastly, abstinence gives earn you not only self-respect but also respect from your peers.

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