How ‘bland’ tofu became one of the world’s hottest foods

(CNN) — There’s a curious scene taking place inside what appears to be a run-of-the-mill Hong Kong industrial building.
Vicky Lau, chef and owner of the two-Michelin-starred Tate Dining Room, and Romain Herbreteau, former operations director of French fine-dining group Dominique Bouchet, are darting around a gigantic soy milk machine the two of them put together by themselves some weeks earlier.

“We ordered this machine from Taiwan but they weren’t able to come and set it up due to Covid-19. So it was just me and Romain when we first unboxed and set it up. We didn’t know if things

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Hong Kong bids farewell to Jumbo Kingdom, the world’s largest floating restaurant

Locals gathered along the waterfront to give the floating restaurant its final farewell.

Measuring about 260 feet long, the colossal three-story Jumbo Floating Restaurant was famous for its gigantic green and red neon sign reading “foon ying gwong lam,” Chinese for “welcome.” In its heyday, it was part of the largest floating restaurant in the world.

For nearly half a century, it was the main boat of Jumbo Kingdom, which also included the older and smaller sister restaurant boat Tai Pak (dating back to 1952), a barge for seafood tanks, a 130-foot-long kitchen boat and eight small ferries to transport

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The James Beard Award 2022 winners are …

(CNN) — An Indian street food restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina, and an African American chef at a fine dining restaurant in Savannah, Georgia, earned two of the American culinary community’s top awards on Monday night.

Mashama Bailey, chef at The Grey in Savannah, is 2022’s James Beard Award Winner for Outstanding Chef.

“Black and brown folks, immigrants, mom-and-pop shops have been bubbling underneath the surface of this industry, working hard for a long time establishing our place in American food. I stand on the backs of many of them and today a little Black girl or a little Black

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How a female Buddhist monk became one of Asia’s most revered chefs

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(CNN) — It’s a busy Saturday morning for Jeong Kwan, a South Korean Buddhist monk.

After her early morning meditation practice and breakfast, she tends to her garden inside Baekyangsa, a temple at the scenic Naejangsan National Park, south of Seoul.

The air is filled with the scent of blooming coriander flowers. A wild deer nibbles on the leaves in the

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20 classic French dishes everyone needs to try

Editor’s Note — Editor’s note: “Julia” tells the story of legendary cookbook author and television superstar Julia Child, who revolutionized home cooking in the US. The CNN Film premieres on Monday, May 30, at 8 p.m. ET.

(CNN) — The roots of French cooking run deep. The foundations of the country’s culinary empire were laid as early as the mid-1600s when chef François Pierre La Varenne penned his hugely influential “Le Cuisinier François” recipe book, emphasizing regional and seasonal ingredients, highlighting complementary flavors, and beginning to document its terms and techniques.

“There is some mystery and magic to French cuisine

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