The Beginner’s Guide to

Tips for Planning a Wedding Event

Weddings can become nightmares especially if you have financial hitches. Here are the ways in which you can plan for your wedding.

There are apps you can use or even spreadsheets which can help you in the planning process. If you choose to use a spreadsheet, you should have a guest list and another spreadsheet to do the planning. The guest list should have all the names of the visitors that are expected at the wedding. You need to leave the columns for costs and prices of those activities and materials to be filled later. You should have items such as dress, cake, venue, and entertainment placed in their own rows. In this way, you will do compilations quickly and eliminate unnecessary categories to remain within your budget.

You should then find a venue for your wedding. Before you can choose a date for the wedding, it is important for you to identify the best venue. The venue is likely to cost a lot of money, probably the most expensive thing in your budget. Also, it is important for you to inquire whether there are beverages and refreshments offered to your guest at the event. You should request for quotations indicating the services and prices provided in those venues, and you should prefer one that is closest to you. Since event venues rarely get booked for weekdays, booking for those days will earn you discounted prices. You should then look for a dress for the wedding. Since wedding dresses tend to be highly costly, you should choose your preferred quality depending on your budget. It is important for you to order for the dress early enough to allow time for fitting and modifying it.

You should budget and plan for the food that will be served to your guests, as well as the wedding cake. You will find it necessary to find an event that allows for outside catering. Organizing for the catering for your event will be better if the venue permits for outside catering. It is better for you to arrange for buffets at the reception because it is easy for people to select the food they want, as well as providing them with a variety of foods that they want. There is no need to order for a big cake because not everyone will eat it. You can get a small cake which can be eaten by a few guests whom you consider close to you, especially your loved ones and closest friends. You should to find entertainers for the event. It is a big challenge trying to get dancers or DJs to entertain your guests. The level of entertainment to the audience and the kind of reception given to your visitors will determine the success rate of your wedding.