Things to Do in Saona Island Excursion

Located in the Dominican Republic, Saona Island is a tropical island and a government protected natural reserve. Tourists from Dominican Republic as well as from around the world go to Saona Island excursion to gain the peace of mind within the beauty of the nature. Saona Island is known to be the largest of the islands in Dominican Republic. This piece of heaven on earth is famous for its majestic beaches. Saona Island is accessible easily as it is one of the Punta Cana excursions. So, do not worry when you plan a day trip to Saona Island, because we are here to guide you.

Day at Saona Island Excursion

Within the blue crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, lies the Saona Island near Punta Cana. The place is very famous owing to its beauty with palm trees, beaches, caves, serenity, migratory birds, and much more.

What To Do’s on the Trip to Saona Island

1. Caves

One of the most important reasons to have a Saona Island excursion is the caves in the place. The most famous among these caves are found in the Cotubanama National Park. Cotubanama is known to possess around 500 plant species, 300 different variety of birds, beautiful beaches at Island of Saona, and a wonderful underwater life. Tourists from around the world are very fond of the caves of Saona island, which are filled with natural freshwater springs.

2. Turtle Nesting

Turtle nesting is a mesmerizing natural phenomenon, which you can observe only if you are lucky enough. Saona Island is the world’s most famous site for turtle nesting. It is a rare occurrence and only a little number of tourists have reported the hatching of a turtle nest. However, it is a great idea to visit the island during spring season to increase your chances of observing this amazing phenomenon. When you are strolling the transparent beaches, keep an eye on the sand at coast if you want to see turtle nesting.

3. Birdwatching

Birds are another eye-catching reason to plan a Saona Island Excursion. The Saona Island is known to be a home to 112 bird species and a breeding ground for around 300 migratory birds. Out of these bird species, 8 are found only in the Saona Island and 11 are only native to the Caribbean. Saona Island is known to be a sanctuary for migratory birds, which arrive here for tropical climates, from Russia and alike places, for breeding. Due to this reason, Saona Island is protected by the government and hence it is a part of Eastern National Park. Make sure to make it a part of your Punta Cana Excursions.

4. Natives

Another reason for Saona Island excursion is the friendly natives. Most of the population of Saona Island is concentrated in the Mano Juan town. A total of around 500 people live in this town and it comprises of 69 houses. People here are fond of fishing. When you visit the place, you will come to know of the most hospitable people ever. The natives are friendly and love to show visitors around. Take some candies for  the kids too, so that they love you equally.

5. Picturesque Settlement

Mano Juan, the most populated town in the Saona Island is as beautiful as its name is. Besides the friendly natives, this place will keep you charmed with its magical beauty. Mano Juan is also known as the pastel fishing village. People here are fishermen, who live in pastel wood houses. It also is a craft center of Saona Island. When you visit the place, take a lot of pictures to cherish these memories afterwards.

6. Beach

The most important reason for Saona Island excursion is the beaches with millions of palm trees all around. Saona Island is considered to possess the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. The transparent turquoise colored water of the beaches, the white crystals of sand, the natural plantation, defines the beaches of Saona Island. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you can spot dolphins in the water. Marine mammal, known as manatee is also only found in Saona Island beaches. Tourists who visit this place, remain mesmerized for a long time period.

7. Natural Pool

Another reason for which tourists prefer Punta Cana Excursions is the natural pools in the Saona Island. Besides the pool, the coral reefs present here provide an amazing diving experience. Within the natural pool is the mesmerizing water of the beach, and the sea stars. Having a nice swim in this pool will take away every bit of tiredness and exertion from your life and you will never forget this experience.

8. Sea food

Last but not the least, visit Saona island for the sea food it has to offer. You will find the world class lobsters here. Besides, crabs, octopus, fish, prawns, the locals know how to cook and facilitate the visitors. Traditional Dominican food is amazing.


Turquoise water, white sand, palm trees, cave, pastel-colored houses, natural pools, birds, flowers, all of these make a perfect holiday destination, that is the Saona Island. Whenever you plan your Punta Cana excursions make sure to include the Saona Island in it. A trip to Dominican Republic is incomplete without Saona Island Excursion. People prefer Saona as a honeymoon destination, besides many filmmakers picturize their movies here.