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Air pollution in the industrialized world has in the last 50 years undergone drastic changes. It arose side by side with the industrial revolution. Pollutants range from Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides to Sulfur Dioxide and Particulate Matter. Air pollution level became dangerously high over large cities, citizens of what should look for places free from the taint of our pollution.

Honestly, it’s hard enough to find an area with good air quality in the U.S. But we know that location. Visit the Rocky Mountains, which are located not far from Denver. Mountain air and clear skies over snow-capped peaks will epitomize clean, healthy living and unpolluted purity.

Denver destinations

Get out of the big city and enjoy the majestic natural scenery of Colorado. Being in the mountains gives you a chance to breathe in the clean air free of air pollution and gases. Besides, spending time surrounded by nature is beneficial to both your health and well-being. Although Denver is considered to be an outdoor city full of world-class cultural attractions, top-quality restaurants, and a red-hot music scene, it’s actually within easy reach of the Rocky Mountains.

Take a weekend trips near Denver, visit Rocky Mountain National Park, and explore an unspoiled, breathtaking, panoramic view of nature at its finest. During this tour, you will have an opportunity to visit Boulder city and a hotel from the horror movie “The Shining” and take a ride down Trail Ridge Road.

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