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How to Purchase the Right Air Hockey Table

Adding an air hockey table to any game room is a great investment for your gaming experience. It can give hours of fun for all whether you are a seasoned pro or an amateur discriminating no age. Nevertheless, air hockey tables are made differently, and it is unlikely that every kind of air hockey table will suit your needs. How do you identify the best air hockey table? In the guide we will assist you in deciding which type of air hockey table is right for you. Therefore, keep reading the piece to understand the essential elements you need to keep in mind when selecting an air hockey table and ensure you have decided on the ideal option.

When choosing an air hockey table, size is one factor that will matter. The ideal table size as per the gaming law is 8-feet long by 4-feet wide. Not only is the ideal size for those aspiring to be pro but also a decent option for commercial use. Having a regulation size air hockey table enables you to hold contests and even draw pro players to your premise. However, not everybody has the space to go for that size, and that is why these tables are also available in smaller sizes ranging from 4 to 7.5 feet long. With that, you are almost guaranteed that you can access a game selection that will fit your space. Whichever size you go for, you ought to ensure that you clearance of at least 36 inches on both ends of the table. That is to ensure that a player has full range movement while playing the game.

Another elemental thing to look at when getting an air hockey table is choosing between large pucks or small pucks. Air hockey tables made especially for the smaller 2.75 inches puck are fitted with a fun that generates pressure enough only to raise small pucks, while the tables made for the large pucks like the 3 inches puck contain a more powerful fan. Small puck tables are a good option for kids and young teens. However, the small pucks and fly off the table when hit too hard and that is why they are not preferred by older air hockey players.

Furthermore, look at material quality when shopping for an air hockey table. It is recommended that you go for a high-quality air hockey table as it ensures you play the game for numerous years. Go for selection with high-density aluminum or nylon to ensure that the rink walls last as they face frequent impact when playing.

Moreover, you ought to decide how you will keep the scores. Certain air hockey tables are armed with digital scoring that tracks each goal scored from the start to the end of a game. On the other hand, some are equipped with manual scoring equipment such as a whiteboard. Purchase a table with a scoring device that will suit your wants.

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