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Advantages of Video Interview

It is the aim of any recruitment agency to get the best candidates with the best qualifications for a certain job vacancy. The interview has a different way of been handled. It is easy to get the best candidates using the video interview. It is beneficial through several ways to carry out an interview using a video interview.

The cost of handling an interview is much reduced by the use of a video interview. Interviews are time-consuming and can is very expensive due to this. It is challenging to come up with a time frame that will be suitable for all the candidates to be comfortably screened. It is more so challenging to fix the interview in the schedule of an busy organization. The candidates have to leave their work and travel for a long time so as to attend the interview. It is therefore very helpful for a video interview as it helps to carry out the interview without much of the time and it, therefore, saves the candidates and the interviewer much time.

It only needs you to set a pre-recorded interview video the can be used to thoroughly screen the candidates. It is not needed to have a face-to-face meeting with the candidates after the video interview. It is easy to carry out the interview without engaging the candidates to unnecessary strains. A video interview sets s uniform way of interviewing the candidates. The form of the questions that are asked candidates in a face-to-face interview is not all uniform. The level of business is reduced with the use of video interviews as the pre-recorded questions are uniform and are used on all the candidates.

The fairness of the interview is increased with the use of a video screening. The answers given by all the candidates are open to all assessors and can be reviewed severally. Through this referencing the assessors can come up with the best conclusions. When the candidates involved in the interview are handled in this way they are able to trust and be contented with the company. The ability of the company to use the most current technology helps the candidates to improve their attitude towards it.

Recruitment is easy when using the video interview. The time that is consumed in the whole process of the interview which can be very hectic is reduced. Within a short time one can be able to reach out to many of the candidates and screen them with a short time. You are able to reduce the number of people who are involved in the recruitment. The people who are often hired to corroborate in the interview are much reduced because much of the process done by few people.

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