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What Are SERP Features and Why Should You Use Them?

Every time search for particular things on Google, you will find special elements showing up on your screen. These things didn’t end up there randomly – they are meant to boost your visibility in the online world. For instance, when searching for “hardwood floors,” the SERP will give you ads, the local pack, a Wikipedia knowledge panel, as well as the option to explore more results related to your search.

SERP Features


Featured Snippets – a summary of answers to the query

Local Pack – a map with business listings

Reviews – shown as star ratings in search results every time a website is marked up appropriately

Sitelinks – links from the same website (usually comes with branded searches)

Top Stories – news results presented in a carousel when looking for a new hot topic

Images – presented as an embedded gallery (for imagery-related searches)

Instant Answers – akin to featured snippets but offering more straight answers coming from Google’s knowledge graph

People Also Ask Box – contains questions pertaining to the initial search and shows up midway through the SERP

)Knowledge Panel – gives a background on a topic and shows up to the top right side of the search results

Video Carousel – a video selection, usually turns up with search terms with “video” in them or on related searches frequently made on YouTube.


Paid media may not technically classified as a SERP features, but their presence does create a considerable impact on searches. For example, Google Search Ads, which are placed on top and below the SERP, look no different from organic results. They are obtained by setting up Google Ads and bidding on specific queries. ) before going to a website.

How to Optimize for SERP Features

There are three popular options for anyone seeking to make their website SERP-friendly. One is with a language that is universally acceptable to search engines (for example, schemadotorg markup). Obviously, this language must be used by Google for their knowledge panel, news box and other SERP features. Google My Business is another option you have, and this ensures that your business will land in Google maps, the local pack and other local search features. A third option is Google Ads, which will surely put you at the top of Google.

Bottom line, you’ll want to use SERP features in order to boost your revenues. The most effective way to do this is to rely on a digital marketing specialist whose expertise has been proven by other companies.

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