5 South Korea Travel Destinations BTS Recommendations

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Top boy band from South Korea whose name is now starting to get global, BTS has been re-elected as the Ambassador of Seoul Tourism. This year will be the third year for BTS, since it was first elected in 2017. Especially for those of you who plan to visit Seoul City in South Korea, BTS has recommended the following five places to visit.

1. Eat Galbi at Yeonnam Standing Restaurant

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Korean barbecue, or familiarly referred to as Galbi, is a typical South Korean menu sold by Yeonnam Standing Restaurant. As the name suggests, Yeonnam Standing Restaurant promises the experience of eating Galbi while standing. This restaurant only provides Galbi, visitors can bring their own kimchi or rice from home or buy it at the nearest shop.

Yeonnam Standing Restaurant is located at 32, baekbon-ro 2-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Open every day from 12.00 to 20.00, except Monday first and third. A portion of Galbi is pegged at around 15,000 won.

2. Sail the Hangang River with Kayaks

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Hangang River or Han River is known as the most ideal place for water sports such as kayaking and standing on a paddle board (SUP) in Seoul. Visiting the Hangang River is required to do various water activities at Ttukseom Han River Park. You can try riding for two hours at a price of around 40,000 won.

Ttukseom Han River Park is located at 563-1 Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Heading to Ttukseom Han River Park can use the subway from Line 7 to Ttukseom Station and exit via exit 2. Then walk 12-15 minutes to the Seoul Wind Surfing 17th Building.

3. Climb Mount Bukhansan

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Mount Bukhansan is located in the Bukhansan National Park region with the highest peak being Baegundae. By climbing Mount Bukhansan, you can see the exotic metropolitan Seoul City, temples, fortress walls and Buddha statues. Climbing Bukhansan to the highest peak of Baegundae takes around 4-5 hours.

Bukhansan National Park is in San 1-1, Jeongneung-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. Reaching Bukhansan National Park can be reached by taking Subway line 3 to Gupabal Station and kelur on Exit 1 then taking Bus 7014 to Bukhansanseong Fortress to the bus stop entering Bukhansan Mountain.

4. Enjoy the Fountain at Banpo Hangang Park

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Banpo Hangang Park is located on the south side of the Han River, centered on the Banpo Bridge (Jamsu Bridge) between Hamnam Bridge and Dongjak Bridge. There is a Rainbow Fountain built on both sides of the Banpo Bridge and was registered in The Guinness Book of Records in 2008 as the longest bridge fountain in the world. There are sports facilities including a bubble playground, in-line skating track, soccer field and basketball court.

In addition, visitors can also take a bus at the Bus Station Terminal Express Bus Stop (right in front of the Express Bus Station Exit 8-1 or 8-2) or the City Center Bus Stop (right in front of the Exit 3 Bus Terminal Station) using the bus numbered 405 and 740.

5. Walk on K-Star Road

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K-Star Road is the main road that connects Apgujeong Rodeo Station exit 2 and the Cheongdam intersection. The right and left sides of K-Star Road are filled with shops selling various luxury goods. On exit 2 of Rodeo Apgujeong Station there is GangnamDol which is a symbolic statue of K-Star Road with BTS group images printed on human-scale teddy bears. There are also GangnamDol PSY, Super Junior, EXO, Girl Generation, and other South Korean stars.