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Tips for Hat Shopping

If you want to look good in a hat, wear the right one. For starters, measure your head’s circumference (around an inch above your ears), although most people buy hats without doing that. As long as there’s a cheerful store clerk to help, it should be easy.

Here are tips to help you find the right hat for you:

Facial Shape
> Oval – Large brims will look fantastic, especially if the brim is proportionate to your height. A bigger brim looks more stunning on a taller wearer.

> Round – A hat with a high crown balances a short and wide face, and visually adds height and balance to the face.

> Square – Irregular-shaped hats are best for narrowing a square-shaped face, especially when cocked at an angle to neutralize the sharpness.

> Oblong – Oblong-shaped faces look great with full brims that seem to widen the length and narrowness. High crowns and small brims won’t work because they pull the face even longer down. As well, tall, narrow hats should be avoided.

> Heart – For heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces, hat shapes that are too wide on top will make the jaw and chin look even narrower. The opposite is recommended.

Hats for Traveling

If you’re shopping for a hat that you want to use for your travels, make sure you get it its own suitcase as well. And of course, you’ll want a hat that can be easily folded into into that suitcase while maintaining shape.

Sun Protection

Yes, some hats have SPF protection features built into them, and they should be worn even in cold weather. Most UPF hats, along with other UPF apparel, block up to 98% of UV rays. Such hats were pioneered nearly ten years ago in Australia, where melanoma cases are the highest. If you get a UPF 50 hat, that means only 1/50th of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can pass through the garment. When shopping for UPF hats, look for a tag that shows the product’s UPF rating, as well as how much UV protection it provides.

Avoiding a Hat Head

One thing you get when wearing a hat for a while is a hat head or that dent that the hat leaves on your hair as you remove it. Usually, a hat head will not be gone until you’ve taken a shower or at least until the following day. The good news is, you can prevent getting a hat head with this trick: before wearing your hat, mist your hair with hairspray and brush it as you take off the hat. If you don’t like putting styling products in your hair, spray the brush instead just before you use it on your hair. As well, be sure that your hair is fully dry before put on that hat.

We love hats not just because they are chic but also because they are quite useful. The most difficult part of adding hats to your outfits is getting accustomed to wearing them. Not everyone likes being the center of attention! To get used to wearing a hat, begin with a small one that you can put on when running errands. Then you can upgrade to larger, more stylish ones when you’re more comfortable.

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