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Medical supply of medicine is supposed to be ordered in significant quantities. This is because medical supplies tend to have many users. Due to poor eating habits, many health conditions are being brought up as a result. Therefore the number of patients using medicines becomes more significant every day. Since drugs help to cope with the health conditions of the patients, the supply is supposed to be enough any time needed. It is therefore vital to make enough orders of medicines to avoid lack when required. There are so many advantages that come when medications are ordered in large quantities. One of the benefits is that the drugs are available when needed. If the drugs are not available when required, the patient’s conditions may deteriorate to the point of even causing death.?
For this reason, therefore, it is essential to make an order for enough medicine. The other advantage is a reduction in prices. When drugs are ordered in large quantities, the costs reduce as compared to ordering small amounts. For chemist owner and physicians, this ends up making big margins of profits. Accountability is also necessitated. Since documentation is made for the order and supply,?a good follow-up may be made primarily in the use of the medicines. After every prescription of drugs to the patients, the daily record should be taken to have the total number of medications prescribed, and this is deducted from the supply to make a sound recording.
To achieve the advantages, it is essential to consider the following factors before making the order of the medicines.?The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the amount of medication required to be ordered.?This is calculated by estimating the frequency of medicines being sold or given to patients with a specified period. Checking on the balance of stock is essential. This can be done by counting one by one or checking on the record book. It is also essential to check on the expiry date of the medicines on the stock. This is because the balance of medicine stock may be big, but the expiry date may be near. In this situation, those that have short expiry period should be given out in case there is no possibility of using all of them before the expiry period.
??It is crucial to consider the amount of money available to meet the order of stock. If a higher amount of requests are made above the budget set, then the option may be taking of a loan. This may cause a lot of inconveniences, especially when the number of clients reduces. If possible, it is advisable to make the order within the budget set. ?Finally, it is import to check on the storage. Consider whether the space for storage of the medicine will be enough for the order made. Medications are ordered without considering the space; it may lead to the poor room. This may result in damage to the medicine, which may lead to significant losses.

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