Great Websites To Help You Improve Your Culinary Skills

As a foodie, I am always trying out new eateries and culinary creations wherever I find myself. Like my recent trip to Tavern House in Newport Beach. I was on the West Coast and looking for Newport Beach restaurants on the water, and found this one! I love trying out cuisines in different restaurants around when I visit cities around the country. But when I get back home, I like honing my skills in the kitchen and making the delicacies I want to eat all by myself. Since I am not the kind of person who likes concocting simple one-step dishes and yet I am not a skilled chef, I usually turn to websites that provide people with instructions on how to prepare dishes.

If you are like me and cannot really follow the instructions on a recipe without video instructions, you should definitely check out This site includes written recipe instructions as well as videos of chefs carrying out the steps outlined in the recipes. This site categorizes recipes in popular dishes, healthy recipes as well as menus for restaurants, most of which are predominantly French-inspired or from France. You can also search for a particular European chef and see the rating they have been given by viewers for their recipes. This site has extras for subscribers such as instructions on how to properly fold napkins and directions to stores which stock quality gourmet food supplies.

If your palate is not inclined towards French cuisine but you still want to try preparing a new dish, you can visit to get recipes for both traditional and exotic dishes. This site hosts videos of people who love cooking and creating their own personal recipes at home. You can watch a person preparing a dish and then print the recipe for the dish and try it out in the comfort of your own kitchen. If you ever feel inspired, you can join the contributors to and share your own personal recipes.

If you are thinking of preparing a quick and easy meal, you can visit the YouTube Channel of Tasty, to get video instructions on easy to prepare dishes. This channel focuses on providing visual instructions on incredibly delicious yet simple dishes.

If you are a foodie, you may have noticed a rise in the popularity of the Food Network. The chefs here are almost as famous as their celebrated guests. If you love following the adventures of famous food enthusiasts, you can watch your Food Network stats of choice recreating recipes that you may have forgotten by visiting In this site, you can search for your favorite chefs or browse through the many food recipe categories. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the instructional videos and smack your lips together with the hosts Giada and Rachel.

One of the sites that I visit most when seeking culinary inspiration is I like this site because to date, it seems to have all the recipes that you can imagine. Apart from recipes, it also has video instructions on how to follow the recipes correctly. Additionally, you can also find instructional videos on how to perform the culinary techniques used by real chefs such as cutting a cake without destroying any layer. No matter your level of experience in the kitchen, there is something for everyone at Here, you will find an extensive range of recipes and instructions for both newbies and professional chefs.

The sites I have highlighted above can be navigated with ease and they actually contain useful and practical tips for those who love food, like experimenting in the kitchen or both.