How to Convince Your Boss to Emotional Exercise: How Whole-Body Vibration Training Can Help 

Don’t you just hate it when right after work, you have to go to the gym? How else can you promote fitness and advance your career at the same time? You should put as much focus on your personal life as with your professional career. What good will your rise to the corporate ladder be if your body can’t climb it in the first place? So even if it’s exhausting, you’d still have to go to the gym before, after, or even in between work. That’s just the way it is? Or, does it have to be? Actually, not with whole-body vibration training.

Whole-body vibration training is an exercise that you can do while working. Not after or before, but during the time you’re accomplishing your tasks. Just pop in a vibration machine into your office and you can do it any time you want. But how will you convince your boss to allow you to do so? Do these steps. 

Point To Its Accessibility

Firstly, point out to your boss just how accessible this exercise is. Make him/her realize that, in actuality, all one needs to do this exercise is to buy a vibrating plate and put it in one’s office/cube. And when you do this, you’re not only benefiting yourself, but also the company and here’s why. Part of what might not convince your boss to allow you to do whole-body vibration training in the office is that, if you’re the only one doing it, you’ll distract your co-workers. But if everyone is doing it, all the benefits of the exercise will be achieved by everyone. 

Rely On the Easiness of the Exercise

Also, you have to rely on the fact that the exercise is very easy to do. When your boss knows that whole-vibration therapy isn’t really that strenuous a work-out, he/she will less likely think that it will put on a strain on your work ethic. At the very core of it, bosses just want the tasks to be accomplished and the work to be done. How you do it is up to you. And if you can convince your boss that you can do everything while doing whole-body vibration therapy, it’s highly likely you’ll get what you want. Just tell him/her how truly easy it is! 

Present Its Bodily Effects

Now this will improve your argument. It’s long been proven that, among other things, whole-body vibration training gives major bodily effects. Improves flexibility, stronger bones, less tense muscles—all of these you will achieve through this easy exercise. And the best part? Such bodily effects will have a positive impact on your career. Basically, you’ll be better at your job when you’re more flexible, have stronger bones, and less tense muscles. Such pains that come from the lack of such will only deter you from accomplishing your tasks. So present your boss the opposite and tell him/her that these physical benefits come from whole-body vibration training. 

Shed Light On A More Active You

More than the absence of bodily pains, you’ll also be more active. Since you have no aches to hinder your performance, you can work twice or even thrice as hard. And you might just need to in order to convince your boss that whole-body vibration training during work is a great idea. Obviously, when you’re more active, you’re more likely to accomplish your tasks at, possibly, record speed. And in turn, this should tell your boss just how beneficial letting his/her subordinated exercise during work will be. So it’s up to you to shed light on how active you are as a result of the work-out. 

Highlight Its Soothing Properties

Speaking of feeling active, that also comes from feeling more relaxed. When you’re more relaxed, you have fewer body pains and a better mindset to do your job well. This should be enough to convince your boss of incorporating whole-body vibration training in the office. Surely more relaxed employees will tell him/her that people will have more energy to face the workload at hand. And that there’d be less tension between co-workers, thereby avoiding office drama that usually causes hindrances at work. Just make sure, even though you feel relaxed, that you don’t become or even show a speck of laziness. 

Show Its Effect on Your Mental Health

When you’re more relaxed at work, you’ll have a clearer mind. And when you have a clearer mind, you can better focus on the tasks at hand. Such benefits are needed in any workplace, and they can be achieved by doing whole-body vibration therapy. Now more than ever, bosses should have as much focus on the mental well-being of their employees than just their physical health and their ability to do the work well. All you have to do is show your boss that whole-body vibration therapy, due to its relaxing quality, helps improve your mental health. He/she will likely end up convinced! 

Showcase Your Better Attitude on Work

In relation to the other points mentioned earlier, a more active, relaxed, and clearer-minded you will lead to a better attitude at work. Now, if you can work-out while at work? Well, that will simply give you more reasons to go to work and to do it better than before. When you have a better attitude towards your job, you’ll develop better enthusiasm for the company. And bosses want to see that. They need to see that to know just how well the business is operating.  so showcase your better attitude at and towards work so that your boss will allow you to incorporate whole-body vibration in the office! 

Prove Your Better Worth as An Employee

Simply put, when you’ve garnered all of the aforementioned benefits, you’ll be a better employee. You’ll work harder, have more enthusiasm for the company, be more active in operating the business, and so on. And among other things, bosses simply want better employees. They want those that actually are enthusiastic about the company. Those that are more active in accomplishing the tasks at hand. And those who have clear mindsets that can help one focus on work better. All in all, you’ll just have to prove to your superior that you will be the better employee they’re looking for in order to convince them of allowing you to do whole-body vibration training during work! 

Though it’s easy and accessible, never underestimate the power of whole-body vibration training. It can all sorts of wonders for you, even in your professional career. So if you can, try to convince your boss, particularly by doing all these steps, to allow you to work-out during office hours!