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Methods On How To Clean And Store Water Bottles

People have been able to come up with inventions that can ensure that the planet is kept clean in all manners and that is why several companies resulted to making reusable water bottles that people can use. Most of the individual has been able to collect this water bottles because of the different color, shape, and sizes that they come with at the markets places. The most challenging part that these owners face is ensuring that they take care of the bottles in terms of cleaning it, and storing them in the right condition at all times. Bacteria is said to accumulate in these places because of the negligence of people not washing them on a regular basis and getting to store them anyhow. If you have many reusable water bottles at your home, and only use two or three regularly, ensure that you find a nice place to store the rest that is not in use.

Setting a reminder is the way that one can actually do when they are looking to wash their bottles daily while they are doing their dishes. To ensure that the bottles last longer as required, ensure that you double check if the bottle can be washed using a dishwasher before you throw it in the machine. Warm soapy water is more preferable for those bottles that cannot be washed using the machine. Once you are done with the normal washing procedure, it is always a good idea to take in extra measures such as using vinegar to fill the bottle quarter way and then add water till full, enclose the bottle and let the mixture stay in the bottle overnight. Apart from using vinegar, you can purchase cleaner tablets that are used to remove the extra bacteria that is lingering where you fill the bottle with water and place the tablets in, let the tablets do the rest.

For some people, they find it difficult to organize their kitchen once they are done with cleaning the dishes together with the reusable water bottles. Once the bottles have been washed, ensure that they are stored when completely dry so as to prevent bacteria from breeding in the bottle because of the water that has been left. To do away with excess water in the bottle, place it upside down so that the water can drip down. One of the best places to store the water bottles in on a wine rack which can also be used for display purposes.

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