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When You are Allowed to Use Emojis in Work Emails and Correspondence

We live in a tech-oriented world and this makes it difficult for us to navigate the social norms that come with it. Key parts of our life such as dating, social and professional life have become over-dependant on the internet and smartphones. The workplace , however, poses a challenge for most people. While emails, texting and other tech mediums of communication bring cohesion among workers, the use of emojis in electronic messages for communication between different people respectfully, expressively and in line with the context is called into question.

They need to use emojis in the professional settings such as workplaces is still a matter if question even though most people already use them in their normal day to day lives to communicate with friends and loved ones. it is the circumstances that determine whether or not you can use the emojis at work and this makes it hard for most people to understand. These useful tips are geared towards helping you understand the circumstances that allow the use of emojis in a workplace.

Emojis have become a key apart of our every day communication. They have provided convenience when it comes to expressing our feelings as we can comfortably do it with the use of emojis. They may be useful but that does not men that they are easy to use specifically in the workplace. These are some of the circumstances that prohibit the use of emojis in work emails.

Avoid using emojis when passing across information. While you may use emojis in your texts, there is some probability that your workmate or superior does not. Using emojis in this case presents a risk of passing across the wrong message. The meaning you have of a certain emoji may not be the same to that one of someone else as the interpretations vary from one person to another. The other person may get the wrong idea and that is why you need to avoid using emojis to express your feelings or pass across any kind of information.

If the context requires total professionalism, avoid using them. The popularity of emojis does not mean that they are viewed positively in a professional case. It is assumed that people who use emojis at work are unprofessional. Studies show that some of the people who use emojis at work are seen as incompetent. You want to be held in high regard at work and that is why you need to avoid using emojis at work to avoid damaging your reputation. It dies nit mean that you should not use emojis at work, however, as it is a case of circumstances.