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This website uses cookies. We advise a few of the world’s leading travel and leisure companies, together with these with pub, restaurant, resort, holiday and fitness interests. Sharing knowledge will improve ROI throughout the chain because everybody is ready to pay for a greater journey experience that begins with the user interface and doesn’t end till you arrive back dwelling. We work with Impressed Thinking Group to produce informative, tailored customer communications for clients in the journey sector.

Barceló Corporacion Empresarial S.A. on the acquisition of leases of 20 inns, convention and leisure facilities owned by the Paramount Group of hotels. The journey and leisure industry is below growing pressure to surpass expectations with a view to keep buyer loyalty and this requires a culturally fluent workforce with excellent communication abilities.

The issue is that the pursuits of the different corporations in the journey ecosystem should not aligned with the interests of the client. Tourism and leisure consists of all of the economic and social activities associated with travelling experiences, recreation and the enjoyment of free time. Companies which have achieved success in the travel and leisure industry lately are almost all pushed by e-commerce.